Jul 31, 2012

Celebrate Celebrate

dance to the music!
yea, it is the middle of Summer!
Enjoy each day
leap with joy
delight in treasures throughout the land
as this wee fae does

she hears the music in the air
amongst fungi folk
with the beautiful flowers
the tall mighty trees
as well as the bees

happy lammas to all those in summer
happy imbolc to those in winter

Jul 26, 2012


 dancing is her breath
her joy
her gift to the world

hello winged friend

whimsical bodies
I am practicing creating bodies....

Jul 21, 2012


upwards she rose from the soil and the stones
our earth
she also spirit of sky
full of strength
not much personality
more presence was her trait

I used a pencil, col-erase that usually does not smear to sketch this piece
i applied gesso to the paper first and when i took copic markers to the sketch, it did smear
so i took a wet brush, don't know why
to the sketch and made it smear
i saw an earth goddess
made of mud appear
so i took pastel pencils and sticks to the sketch
then pushed the colors around with a wet brush
i enjoyed the process
very much

i wish i could get a good scan or photograph for you
this is the most accurate
yet it lacks the vitality of the colors.... 
so sorry
in honor of my mother and sister being Leo's
i have included the constellation Leo in this piece. 
Happy Early Birthday to my wonderful Leo's 
and all Leo's!

Jul 15, 2012


from the depths of her watery realm
in the land where dreams come true
she knew some day 
her journey would lead through this door.....

it is made in Italy
this one is 140 lb
the mermaid piece two posts back; 300 pound
it is smooth
and does not waver with wet art supplies
is made of cotton
feels a bit like fabric or felt

love it!

if you ever have any questions
feel free to ask

if your comment is not linked back to contact you
then, i will answer you in the comments

i try to leave the supplies i use in the label section at the end of each post

thank you for your visit!

Jul 7, 2012


with a wand
life is charmed
recently i found the above piece in sketch form
and changed it quite a bit
fun how if we create one day a piece looks a certain way
and if we create another day 
an entirely new inspiration!

 recently i came across this piece that i did as a child:

Scratch art

I forgot I drew things like this when i was a child
funny, my art has not changed all that much

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